Other Rare Brain Tumors

There are some other rare Brain tumors including Choroid Plexus Tumors, papillomas and carcinomas, in infants. These tumors primarily treated with surgical resection and occasionally chemotherapy.

Craniopharyngiomas are treated by surgical resection and radiation therapy based on the location of the tumor and involvement of the surrounding tissues.

These Brain sarcomas are treated with maximal surgery, local radiation and chemotherapy appropriate for body sarcomas.

Brain Tumor Symptoms :

Signs and Symptoms of Brain Tumor are as frequent headaches, especially after waking up in the morning, vomiting, especially in the morning, Eye movement problems and/or vision changes, Unsteady gait or worsening balance, Weakness of one side of the face, Loss of previously acquired developmental milestones, Weakness in the arms or legs, Bulging fontanel (soft spot on an infant’s head where the bones that make up the skull have not fully joined) or increased head size in infants, Tilting of the head or neck to one side, Seizures, Difficulty with speech, swallowing or drooling, Back or neck pain, often waking the child at night.

Less common symptoms include: Changes in eating or thirst, Growth problems, Dizziness, Lethargy, irritability or other behavior changes, Deterioration in school performance, Loss of sensation in the arms or legs, Loss of consciousness, without history of injury, changes in, or loss of control of, bowel or bladder, Hearing loss, without evidence of infection

Treatment for Brain Tumors:

Treatment for rare brain tumors often includes surgical removing as much of the tumor as possible, but It also include Radiation therapy and Hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

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