When does one need a liver transplant ?

Liver Transplant Cost In IndiaLiver Transplant:

Liver is one of the important organs in our bodies.

As the only organ in the body which can regenerate itself, liver transplant is the last option when attending medical conditions lead to liver failure or cirrhosis and failure and the liver can no longer be treated.

Causes of Liver Transplant

There are a number of causes which normally contribute to liver failure. Some of these conditions are due to diseases such as Liver Cirrhosis, Alcoholic liver disease, cancer among others. Some of these diseases can be prevented .

Liver Cirrhosis is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol therefore moderating consumption of alcohol can help to prevent the disease. Liver cancer once it spreads cannot be easily treated.

Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C infections besides alcoholism often lead to liver disease, subsequent liver cirrhosis, liver cancer or end stage liver disease when the liver cannot be treated.

There are cases where liver failure occurs rapidly in a condition known as acute liver failure and some times it can occurs slowly and it is known as chronic liver failure.

Both conditions can lead to end stage failure where it can no longer be treated. The only option then is to carry out liver transplant.

What is Liver Transplant?

Liver transplant is surgical operation to remove a diseased liver and replace with a healthy one.

Liver is an organ which regenerates itself though slowly. The healthy liver is normally obtained from a live donor preferably family or a deceased donor and replaces the diseased liver in the patient.

As the liver regenerates itself, the donors liver is able to regenerate itself over a period of time.

The number of people with the condition is normally higher therefore liver transplantation is reserved for those who are critical condition.

Success Rate of Liver Transplant

India is among the top countries with the highest success rate of liver transplant operations. Besides the local Indian population, many people with the conditions from developed countries converge for transplant surgeries in India owing to significantly lower costs. Liver transplant, success rate in India is approx 94-95%.

Liver Transplant, Cost in India

Average cost of liver transplant in India varies from US$ 39000 to US$ 45000 depending on the hospital , surgeon fees and specific medical condition of the patient.

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