Understanding High Blood Pressure , The Silent Killer

Blood Pressure Symptoms, Heart Attack

Blood Pressure:

Highly Blood pressure or hypertension  is a common ailment which many of us suffer from.
High Blood pressure is often called a silent killer and many of us wonder why?
Let’s start with what s a normal blood pressure and when we tread into danger zone and what does a tread into the danger zone mean for our bodies.

Hypertension damages our heart, brain and kidneys and quietly so for years, before high blood pressure symptoms develop.

Half of those suffering from high blood pressure die of heart disease due to poor blood flow. Another 30% die of stroke.
With uncontrolled hypertension, one may wind up with a disability,  a fatal heart attack, stroke, kidney failure.
Watch out for more from us  in the coming weeks on how hypertension damages our heart, arteries, brain, eyes, kidneys and even causes sexual dysfunction.
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