Causes of Kidney Cancer, Obesity, Kidney Failure

Though the real causes of kidney cancer is unknown, certain factors has been noted to increase the risk of the disease.

  • Obesity– Being obsessed may cause hormonal imbalance which could lead to increase risk of renal cancer.
  • Smoking-Smokers have high risk of kidney cancer than non smokers. Being Male. Male stand more chance of kidney cancer than female.
  • Genetic Condition– People with Von Hippel Lindau VHL disease or renal carcinoma are subject to kidney cancer.
  • Kidney Failure-People with advanced kidney disease who are subject to dialysis treatment also stand a chance of renal malignancy.
  • Drugs– Long term use of certain drugs can also lead to kidney cancer.
  • Being Black– Kidney cancer is common among blacks than the whites.
  • Family History-This is also a factor to consider as there are several medical history proving so.

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