Lung Cancer Treatment – Is India A Good Destination?

Lung Cancer Treatment

Lung Cancer Treatment:

Lung cancer develops as a result of abnormal growth of cells in the lung and uncontrollable duplication of these cells. Although not everything is known regarding the cause cancer, lung cancer is highly associated with environmental pollutants particularly tobacco smoke. In this article, we shall explore the various treatment options available for lung cancer. We shall also scrutinize India as a lung cancer treatment destination and try to determine if it is good enough.

The two major types of cancer are small cell and non small cell lung cancer.


Lung Cancer Treatment Options

Radiation Therapy

In this lung cancer treatment option, the radiologist aims to kill the cancerous cells via radiation which is given for atleast 6 weeks on a daily basis.


This generally refers to the use of drugs in form pills or injections in an attempt to block the development of cancerous cells and remains the most popular form of treatment.

Surgical Options are Pneumonectomy

This refers to complete or partial surgical removal of a lung and can be considered in early stages of lung cancer

Lung Cancer Treatment in India

India is at the forefront of medical research and when it comes to lung cancer, they have almost the best equipment and personnel in the whole world providing lung cancer patients with a world-class treatment options. Furthermore, Indian cancer hospitals have the latest technology for both detection and treatment of lung cancer. Some of the Indian cities offering world-class lung cancer treatment are:

  • Delhi-Gurgaon
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai
  • Bangalore


Lung Cancer Treatment Cost In India:

In most cases, people associate lung cancer treatment with high costs that often lead to financial problems. In many parts of the world, people often have to take huge loans just to secure treatment. On the contrary, lung cancer treatment is not at all expensive in India. Even with all the good quality of treatment, the costs are very low compared to treatment costs in other parts of the world. To illustrate this, we shall compare prices of various treatment options between India and the US.


India – 5000

US – 18000


India – 9000

US – 22000


So, is India a good lung cancer treatment destination? Judging from all the good quality of treatment and the low costs, the undisputed answer is yes. Furthermore, India is highly reputed when it comes to medical research and treatment of many illnesses and lung cancer is not an exemption.

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