Holding up your Pee for long ?

What are the long-term implications of holding your pee?

Most of us often end up, holding going to the washroom off and on. But do we realize, the long-term damage that happens in the process?

Holding your pee can lead to enlarged prostate, problems with urinary bladder, even kidney disorder

When we feel the urge to urinate, the process involves coordination between muscles, organs, and the nerves.

When your bladder is half full, it activates the nerves in your bladder which then signal your brain to give you the urge to urinate. The brain then signals the bladder to hold on. Holding your pee for long involves consciously fighting the brain signal to urinate.

When we hold on to the pee for long, the urine can flow back into the ureter into the kidneys and lead to a urinary tract infection in the bladder or the urethra. The infection can then travel to the kidney and lead to kidney infection and even kidney disease.

When treated in time, simple antibiotics can cure UTI’s.

Untreated bladder infections may lead to more severe problems such as bacterial bloodstream infections which may cause sepsis, also kidney disorders and subsequent damage which over time may lead to dialysis followed by a kidney transplant.

Holding pee for long also weakens the bladder muscles and leads to urinary retention, where the bladder doesn’t get emptied and one has to urinate very often.

Other problems include enlarged prostate, weak pelvic muscles, inflammation of the bladder walls, pain in the lower abdomen which does not go away, incontinence and kidney failure.

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