Happy Women’s Day! How Healthy are you ? Time to visit the doctor is you see these 9 tell tale signs

Happy Womens Day

Our bodies have an amazing way of letting us know that we are facing a health problem ?
It’s time to get a consultation if you notice one of these signs
Pants too loose all of a sudden– Sudden weight loss could often be a sign of cancer.
Pants too loose all of a sudden
Pants too tight – Could be indicative of bloating, if it happens suddenly coupled with pain, blood in the stool calls for a visit to the doctor and a consultation based on the reports.

Pants too tight

 Bruise Marks- Unexplained bruise marks are often indicative of blood cancer,leukemia, mylomas
 Bruise Marks
Bleeding from the rectum- Stool in the blood can be hemorrhoids which can be managed but if it happens too often is a cause for concern and could be indicative of colon cancer
 bleeding from the rectum
Unusual bleeding within periods- Could be a sign of cancer of the cervix and calls for a visit to the gynaecologist, a pap smear and a transvaginal scan.
Unusual bleeding within periods
Lump on the breast, armpit ,throat-  Unexplained lumps can signal breast cancer, throat cancer or thyroid cancer.
lump in the throat
Pimple, rashes on the breast – Pimples rashes, orange peel skin , any change in texture are indicative of breast cancer and need a mammogram and a breast ultrasound.
Pimple, rashes on the breast
Dark Circles- It is true that stress, late nights, lack of sleep cause dark circles, however dark circles are also indicative of anemia and  CBC ( complete blood count). Sickle cell  a disorder of the blood also leads to severe anemia.
dark circles
Twitching Eyelids-  can be caused due to over work, staring at a computer screen for too long but may also be indicative of  neuropathy or a neurology problem
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