Glaucoma Who is at Risk

What is Glaucoma ?

Glaucoma is a medical problem of the eye. In Glaucoma, the optic nerve gets damaged, and may even worsens over time leading
to loss of vision and if left untreated, permanent blindness.

Glaucoma Causes

Severe eye infection, inflammation in the eye, blockage of blood vessels in the eye, injury to the eye, chemical damages
to the eye are the usual culprits.

Glaucoma Symptoms

  • Vision loss
  • Seeing halos around lights
  • Redness in the eye
  • Sudden hazy or blurred vision
  • Pain in the eye
  • Narrowing of vision (tunnel vision)
  • Flashes of light or black spots
  • Double vision
  • Seeing spots, ghost-like images

Who’s at Risk for Glaucoma?

  • Genetics and family history play an important role.
  • African Descent- People from africa tend to suffer more from Glaucoma.
  • 40+, Age related degeneration takes place, over 40.
  • Poor vision in general.
  • Thin corneas increase the likelihood.
  • Diabetes increases risk factor.
  • Trauma to the eye
  • Intake of steroid medications, such as prednisone

Glaucoma Treatment

There are several ways in which Glaucoma can be treated which could be prescription eye drops for less severe problems,
microsurgery to drain out excess eye fluid , or various laser surgery procedures.

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Eyes ? Do they also get affected by high blood pressure

High Blood PressureBlood vessels supplying blood to eyes can also get damaged over time due to high blood pressure leading to blurred vision, bleeding and even loss of vision.

The 3 major conditions that happen due to damage from high blood pressure are
Retinopathy– The blood vessels supplying blood to the retina get damaged due to high blood pressure leading to Retinopathy which causes bleeding, blurred vision and loss of vision.
Choroidopathy is fluid build up under the retina due to blood vessels which start to leak as they get damaged due to high blood pressure which results in blurred vision, distorted vision and permanent impairment

Optic Neuropathy results when the optic nerve gets damaged due to high blood pressure, which results in bleeding and vision loss. Damage is often irreversible.

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