A Quickie on role of “Robotics in cancer treatment ?

Robotic surgery
robotic robot-assisted brain surgery,

Robotics or computer assisted surgeries are helping patients with advanced cancer care. Robotic surgery effectively means’ robotic systems designed specifically to assist surgeons perform, complex surgical procedures with precision, control and dexterity.

These are often difficult to reach cancerous tumours, which the surgeons are able to view with increased vision and hence excise with precious thanks to video assisted robotic systems.

In general,  the surgeon uses the robotic systems, arms to perform the surgery instead of his own hands. Most good systems come equipped with cameras and 3D imaging to enable surgeons to view deeper locations inside the body and reach the diseased tissue with greater range of motion and precision.

Cyberknife, Gamma Knife, Novalis, Da Vinci are various forms of robotics systems available to assist surgeons.

Robotics can today be used for prostate cancer treatment, oral cancer treatment, breast cancer treatment, throat cancer treatment, thyroid cancer treatment, ovarian cancer treatment, uterine cancer treatment, oesophageal cancerbrain tumour surgery, treatment of bone and soft tissue sarcoma, lung cancer,  and several other cancers.

Even basic procedures like thyroidectomy, hysterectomy can now be done robotically and several surgeons are trained to perform robotic thyroidectomy and robotic hysterectomy.

Though we will cover each of these procedures in greater detail in subsequent posts, here are a few significant benefits of minimally invasive, Robotics assisted surgeries

  • Fewer incisions- Maximum size of incisions is usually not more than 7mm .
  • Significantly lower blood loss as compared to open surgeries.
  • Targeted, Higher Dose of Radiation.
  • Less Trauma, pain Quicker, faster recovery.
  • Reduced hospital stays of sometimes even one day( specific to surgery)
  • Added benefits for obese and diabetic patients with co morbidities where wound healing and open surgery complications need to be avoided.

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Key Hole Surgeries

Keyhole SUrgeries, ihealthkonnectMinimally invasive

Incisions ” The size  of a key hole”, a few millimeters.

Quicker Recovery

Shorter hospital Stay

Less post operative pain

Reduced post operative infection rate

Less trauma to skin and muscle


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What is Hernia: Symptoms and treatment options?

People of any age, can have Hernia.

Hiatus hernia

Commonly called a “Rupture” , a hernia is a weakness or tear in the muscles of the abdominal wall , thorough which fatty issue or intestines protrude out. Hernias are caused by wear and tear of the muscles over the years.

Congenital hernias result from a weakness that is present at the birth. Hernia may get worse with time or physical stress.

Children’s hernias are almost always congenital.

Hernia Symptoms:

It is easy to recognize hernia as a bulge under the skin and/or may cause pain while lifting heavy objects, coughing ,straining during urination or bowel movements.

The pain may be sharp and immediate . In some cases, the pain may be a dull ache that gets worse toward the end of the day or after standing a long period of time.

The abdominal wall contains area of weakness. These area include natural spaces and thin tissue such as the umbilical ring ,internal ring .

Hernias may develop at these or other areas due to aging , old incision , injury or weakness present at birth.

A few reasons for developing Hernia are as follows”

A loop of intestine or fatty tissue may push against the inner lining forming a sac. There is no immediate danger at this point, there may not be bulge or swelling but some burning or tingling might be present.

The most common cause of Hiatus hernia is obesity. The food pipe goes through the hiatus and attaches to the stomach in a hiatal hernia (also called hiatus hernia) the stomach bulges up into the chest through that opening.

Hiatus Hernia results in chest pain or pain with eating and may also cause in heartburn. Hiatus hernia is diagnosed by endoscopy and  may require a surgery known as Hiatus Hernia Repair.

The intestine pushes into the sac: Most hernias form a bulge as the intestine pushes into the sac. Initially the bulge flattens out on lying down or pushing against it. This is Reducible Hernia. Although there is no immediate danger, prompt hernia repair is required.

The intestine may become trapped:  If the intestine is trapped , or incarcerated , the bulge cannot be flattened. This is Non-Reducible Hernia which is often painful. Urgent surgery may be required.

The intestine may be strangulated: If the intestine is tightly trapped , or strangulated , it eventually loses its blood supplies and dies(gangrene). A strangulated intestine can also block digestion and cause severe pain. Emergency Hernia surgery is required within a few hours to save life in such cases.

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