Can the colour of your Phlegm indicate Pulmonary Embolism ?

Some amount of Phlegm is normal as our body produces mucous. However excessive amounts of Phlegm in a healthy person is not normal. Moreover the colour of phelgm, may indicate an underlaying disease or a medical problem.

Can the colour of your Phlegm indicate Pulmonary Embolism ?

1. Grayish White Mucous 
Significant amounts may indicate an upper respiratory tract infection or sinusitis that is congestion of sinus. Grayish white mucous also indicates pollutant accumulation in the body which the body is trying to get rid off
2.  Green or Yellow Mucous
Indicates an underlying  bacterial  or lower respiratory tract Infection
3. Pink Frothy Mucous
Often an indicator of Pulmonary Edema or fluid accumulation in the lungs.
Small amounts of blood may also indicate bleeding.
Patients with heart disease often have pink frothy mucous
4. Brown Mucous
A problem which smokers face due to accumulation of tar and other residue in the body.
Phlegm is brown in colour as the body tries to get rid of the toxins.
5. Bloody Mucous
Coughing up a large quantity of blood in the  phlegm could be a sign of lung cancer, tuberculosis, pneumonia, or pulmonary embolism.Coughing up Bloody Phlegm needs to be taken seriously and warrants a visit to  the doctor to enable diagnosis of serious diseases lung cancer, pulmonary edema or pneumonia.
Pre existing heart diseases also need to be ruled out incase one notices pink frothy phlegm.
Incase you are experiencing some of the above symptoms, get a second medical opinion.
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