Breast cancer

Certain hormones such as estrogen and progesterone play important role in development of cancer. Estrogen promotes cell growth and progesterone causes cell maturation and stabilization. It is in the growth phase that cell undergoes malignant transformation, i.e. cancer formation occurs. Therefore, factors such as early menarche, which start of menses, late menopause that is stopping of menses, alcohol, obesity and lack of exercise, stress, etc cause increased estrogen exposure and increase the chances of developing  Breast cancer.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has now become a major health concern across the globe. An estimated 2 million people develop breast cancer every year. Country specific estimates vary from approximately 230,000 in US to 150,000 in India. The statistics for Africa, Central Asia and Middle east are unavailable. By next decade Breast Cancer will be the cause of maximum women deaths in the world. It affects the Afro asian women at comparatively younger ages and more than half of the cases are detected at advanced stage.

The middle age is one of the most important phase of a woman’s life, both as a life partner and mother. It is pity that  women are now getting entangled in this rising menace of Breast Cancer when they are in  their most productive phase of life cycle.